Fast and all-natural

100% chemical-free, 100% convenient

Electronic head-lice comb

An effective alternative to traditional treatments

Head lice are unpleasant—and treating them can be even more so. Thankfully, there is a fast and all-natural new way to get rid of the pesky critters.

The Quies electronic head lice and nit comb detects the presence of lice and nits and kills them instantly upon contact. Simply divide your hair into sections and comb. Lice and nits will be electrocuted immediately, with visible results.

And, because the treatment is chemical-free, it is completely safe and painless to use. Plus, lice and nits cannot become resistant to it. The comb can be reused safely as many times as needed, without harming the scalp or hair. A few comb-throughs is all it takes to eliminate lice and nits.

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